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Trending News

Trending NG will be bring you trending metro news coupled with exclusive entertainment news that is happening across Nigeria ‘as e dey hot’. We shall not relent in giving you undiluted latest news that is trending all around

Viral Contents

Viral content like video, photos, memes etc which may be funny to make people laugh. Others may be actual events that just happened to be caught on camera. They are going to be interesting and inspiring you to share them with your friends.

Latest Entertainment

With us, latest & trending songs, videos, movies, shows, event reports, news and many more in the world of entertainment won’t pass you by. Our core value rotates around what will get you clued to our platforms.

Tech Trends

Trends in Mobile Phones, Computers, Home Appliances and all sort of gadgets is essential, so as not to be outdated. Reviews of them all won’t pass our table as we are going to get you updated about latest happenings in Tech world.

Lifestyle & Relationship

You want to know what’s up with latest trends in fashion, lifestyle and relationship? Then, you are welcome to the right place as we are going serve you them all and you are not going to miss any. Just subscribe to our updates

Health Updates

You really need to know what is trending about Health to stay fit & healthy. Our expertise with directly confirmed information sources will let you know about what is happening in the health world. No need to fear about ignorance!

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Our Employees

Oziri Emeka

Oziri Emeka

Head of Technical

Oziri Emeka Neon, An experienced web and app developer with over numerous websites & blog templates, extensions & plugins. With him our unique contents will have a good place on unique templates with numerous unique customization. He will deliver our contents across all platforms and devices.

Abiola Adebayo

Abiola Adebayo

Publicist Secretary

Jewel, as fondly called is a social media strategist that can create viral awareness. She is going to handle or publicist and social media managements. Also, she is a prolific writer that has written interesting, motivative and educative articles.

Omosebi Babatunde

Omosebi Babatunde

Head of Visuals

A prolific writer, talented visual designer, content marketer and more so, a developer is Omosebi Babatunde Gabriel, whose cyber and nickname is “Babstune”. He is here to head our visual department and serve other appropriate quarters as well.

Gbolagade Ishola

Gbolagade Ishola


After creating and managing several blogs and sites from several niches, Gbolagade thought of bringing all kinds of useful contents together and he brought about the name “Trending NG”. His vision is to bring all contents on-net together with freshness.

Badmus Fazaz

Badmus Fazaz

Content Manager

Badmus Fazaz Olawumi PKA Zazkid, is a seasoned blogger that has earned himself reasonable audience through his blog contents. He is here to develop and manage our contents alongside with other professional Content Developers.

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Our skills

We have talented, prolific, experienced, hardworking employees with team that can deliver. They are well endow that this rating is unrated itself! but for records we are compelled to to up something that will put your mind at rest that we have it all to call ourselves the very name we bare.

A message from our manager

In a digital world where you will have to log on to Facebook to now the latest about your friends and co-workers, Instagram to check what you favourite celebrities are up to, Twitter to know whats the latest from those you follow, LinkedIn to read updates from private and public co-operations. Trending NG is here to gather all your favourites content and bring them to your very device with no need to open all social media just to be updated.

Gbolagade Ishola


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