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How to Clear GOTV Error Codes


Gotv Error E016 message is a common message on every Gotv user who forgot to pay for their subscription before it expires, This has brought a lot of questions like, How do i reset E016 Error on Gotv?, My Gotv keeps displaying E016 after asking payment, and i have renewed my expires gotv subscription but still experiences E16 Error?. This has been giving Gotv Users in Nigeria, Kenya, Malawi, Ghana headache because their account is not activated after payment or the E016 Error Message still displays on the screen. This is why i have write this post to discuss three ways you can use to Clear E016 Error Message After Making Payment.

Methods For Clearing GOtv E016 Error Message

1. The first method is to send “RESET IUC to 4688“.
2. The Second Method Is Visit http://eazy.gotvafrica.com/?country=Nigeria Look for Clear Error Code at the Right hand side, Enter your IUC NUmber Select the GoTVE16, Enter the Code Display. And click on Clear Error.
3. And the last One is Call Customer Care. I can say i prefer this because your decoder will be active immediately if you speak with an agent but it is costly due to the fact that they start charging you immediately it start ringing. You can call Dstv/GoTV on 08039003788 or 012703232
But incase the phone number didn’t redirect you to an agent then its advice-able you mail them and wait for reply… (nigeria@gotv.co.za)

GOTV Official Twitter Account==> https://twitter.com/gotvng
GOTV Nigeria Official Email==> nigeria@gotv.co.za
GOTV NIgeria Website==> http://nigeria.gotvafrica.com
GOTV Facebok Account==> http://www.facebook.com/GOtvN

NOTE: Which Ever method you are using make sure your Decoder is Switched ON With Any of the methods describe above you can clear your GOtv E016 Error message Easy with any problem. In my next post i will share with you how to solve common GOtv problems easily without calling an installer.

How to Solve GOtv E48-32 Error Message(Searching for Signal)

Here i will share with you how to solve Gotv E48-32(searching for signal Error Message). This is a very common problem with many Gotv Decoders, has this is caused by maybe a change in the position of the antenna but it does occur sometime even when the antenna is in Good Shape. Sometimes it may be a general problem in you area and it may not be. You can easily solve this problem by following the steps below.

Gotv E48-32 Error Message
If there is anyone close to you that is using Gotv Ask if his GOtv is Work and if It’s working
The first thing to do on your decoder is to;

1. Check if the antenna is connected properly to the back of the decoder

2. Press Okay to display the signal information, If No signal Display on Channel 23, Move to 24, 27 and then 46. To check if any of the channels has signal. If They have or not Go to the Next step

3. Press Menu-Advanced Option-installation-Then Click on Auto scan

4. If it is not a general problem, the channels will come up and you should be able to have 48 or 52 channels

5. After Scanning it will take you to Gochannel 99, If not you will have to rescan and adjust you channels to have all the full channels on Gotv

Note: You May Need to rescan your decoder several times before all the channels come up. And after coming up leave it on any channel for like 10minutes.


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